Exercices Post Natal

De quoi les mamans ont-elles besoin quelques mois après l'accouchement ?

  • Plus d'énergie, se sentir à nouveau en forme !
  • Une solution pour travailler son plancher pelvien.
  • Retrouver sa force, sa forme et une jolie allure
  • Perdre du poids, amincissement
  • Rebooster son métabolisme et son système hormonal
  • Tonifier son corps et travailler ses muscles
  • Retrouver la forme pour tenir durant toute une "journée de maman"
  • Une séance courte et efficace, tout en gardant un oeil sur son enfant. 
power plate pour les mamans

Resistance Band Deadlifts with Breathwork

In the flexed-hip, neutral spine position, the client is asked to contract TVA.   The abdominals are challenged by a combination of factors: resisting gravity, TVA activation and unconscious stimulation via WBV.  The vibration also provides unconscious work for the Pelvic Floor muscles.  Additionally, the resisted bend-to-extend pattern of the ‘Deadlift’, fires the core by providing work specifically for the Lumbar Multifidus, Erector Spinae muscles and Thoracic Fascia.


power plate maman resistance avec les sangles

Isometric Handle Pushes with Breathwork

An entry-level exercises for the early PN client.  While maintaining a neutral spine and TVA activation, isometric double-handed presses are coached while the client maintains optimal breathing (exhale – TVA activated – PF lifted).  This simple move provide great stimulation for the whole hoop of the core (including the Pelvic Floor).  Reducing stability by performing this exercise on one leg, also increase challenge.  The simplicity of these exercises allows space for the client to ‘reconnect’ with her whole core and the trainer to coach the finer points of a reconnection strategy.

Post natal power plate se tenir aux poignées et respiration

Ab-Scooping, Pelvic Tilts and Kegels with Breathwork

This move combines the core muscles resisting the effects of gravity in the prone position, the synergist relationship between TVA activation and Pelvic Floor and  the ‘switching on’ of Pelvic floor through pelvic tilting whilst adding a simultaneous Kegel contraction.  Sound a little complicated but with great coaching the client will be successful and feel incredibly connected to her whole core.  As the pelvis is moved into the neutral position and the client usually reports pelvic floor activation (heightened by vibration), she is also coached to perform a simultaneous Kegel contraction. If this last part of the exercise isn’t possible, no worry as the PF muscles still receive great stimulation via the vibration.  This exercise is not suitable for clients with a Diastasis or those who are unable to maintain ‘scooped abdominals’ in this prone position…remember, any bulging – stop – the client is not strong enough yet.

post natal power plate maman plancher pelvien et abdos

Plate Crunch and Kick-Back with Breathwork

A crunch but not as you know it!  Here we are performing Rectus Abdominis flexion and extension in the prone kneeling position.  The client is coached to activate TVA throughout and the trainer helps the client truly visualise the concentric and eccentric phases of the exercise as the knee is brought in and then the leg is extended out.  Again, vibration creates extra stimulation to the whole core and greatly accelerates the benefits and results of this exercise.  The version shows extra resistance being added via the cable.  An entry level client would work without added resistance.  This exercise is not suitable for clients with a Diastasis or those who are unable to maintain ‘scooped abdominals’ in this prone position…remember, any bulging – stop – the client is not strong enough.  Also fabulous work for reconditioning the glutes – vital for promoting pelvic stabily and optimal posture.

entrainement power plate pour jeune maman bas du dos



The ‘Campbell Crunch’ with Breathwork

This static four point floating box position can be regressed back to six points by adding a step platform close the plate onto which the knees rest in between work periods.  The client is coached to contract TVA (working the prone core against gravity). When performing the entry level version of this exercise, the client is coached to lift and lower the knees (each move being held for approximately 2 seconds).  This exercise can easily be progressed by asking the client to hold the elevated position for longer or by also incorporating palm lifts or leg extensions to reduce stability and increase challenge.

power plate après accouchement gainage

Kneeling Resisted Scapular Retraction with Breathwork

Fabulous move for improving core and thoracic strength.  In the hip flexed position, the client is coached to maintain TVA activiation with an optimal breathing strategy (see above).  She is then asked to draw the band apart creating work for typically deconditioned thoracic mommy muscles.  Not as easy as it looks!

power plate pour jeune maman resistance avec elastiques